Today, I have the nerve-racking honor of presenting to you my new EP, Ephemeral. I like to think I am known by my friends and acquaintances as one who speaks his mind and presents himself as an open book to all regardless of any stigmas or pressures not to do so—and also as an overall promoter of free thought, of truth, and of authenticity. To that end, I tend to win some people’s approval and many others’ disdain. I don’t expect this six song collection to be any different. A couple may enjoy it; a few may respect it; and others will find ways to take offense. But in any case, these songs remain genuine and true and mine.

Now, I personally am of the opinion that I am not under any sort of obligation to make disclaimers regarding my art. However, I still am choosing to do so right now for the sake of some of you whom I know have differing opinions from mine on what it means to be respectful, polite, or “like Christ.” I am a lover of words, and there are specific words which I believe to be better than others for use in certain situations to provide emphasis and convey strength of emotion. If you truly desire to know my beliefs on the subject of cuss words, you can read a little blog post I wrote several years ago on the subject. Explaining my thoughts and intentions is not the purpose of this post, though. I just want to warn the few of you whom I know would appreciate the warning that the song entitled Ignorance does, indeed, feature the infamous f-bomb in its choruses. I also chose to have the track marked as “explicit” on services such as iTunes to further serve as a warning to those who would appreciate one.

All that being said, here is my new EP, Ephemeral.

Ephemeral Album Art